This smartphone protects you against nude photos thanks to artificial intelligence

Tone e20 Japanese telephone manufacturer

Japanese telephone manufacturer Tone is going to use AI to try to prevent taking nude photos. The company does this with the Tone e20, which will only be available in Japan.

This is AI software that is included in the camera app. This is called “Smart Protection” by the company. As soon as you take a picture with the phone, the algorithm analyzes the photo. If the algorithm thinks it is a nude photo, it will not be saved.

What kind of telephone is the Tone e20?

The Tone e20 is not a flagship. The phone can be bought in the Asian country for around 170 euros. The phone has a 6.26-inch screen and has a triple-lens. Despite the competitive price, the telephone, therefore, stands out in a unique way.

The phone is designed to protect Japanese minors. The e20 advertisement makes it clear that the company focuses on parents who want to protect their children. Parents can also be alerted as soon as their child takes a possible nude photo.

this tone e20 will protect you from nude taking nude photos

Social media such as Facebook and YouTube use similar AI software to prevent inappropriate content. That way, no more moderators need to come to the fore to ward off potentially inappropriate content. It is known that comparable AI software can also be misused for inappropriate purposes.

Nude photos in the USA

Taking nude photos is also not uncommon in the USA. A survey showed that a quarter of the young people had sexually tinted nude photos or videos of themselves.

The same research shows that 18 per cent of people who have taken a nude photo is sorry. If nude photos fall into the wrong hands, they can be used for blackmailing or extortion. With that in mind, Tone will probably have made the e20.



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