12 ways to Go Green in your Home

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Earlier on, the role that you played in the protection of the environment was through the separation of the paper from plastic in your bin and the purchase of organic greens. There are things that can be done in a massive way for the creation of a happy and healthier home.

Through the conservation of natural resources, global warming, the soaring high energy consumption bills and the concerns for the environment were something that was always on the front page of the news. You can now help to save the planet by inviting in some lifestyle changes too.

These little changes will help in a lot to improve the health of your family as this does not involve any cost here. Having a 5 Energy Star rated air conditioning Sydney is also a solution at home that would help you to cut down your energy cost and this is also not harmful to the environment.

Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs

These fluorescent light bulbs can now be fitted to every fixture that is present and they use quite less electricity too in comparison to the incandescent bulbs that are there. They also last 10 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs.

Turn off the lights

You need to install motion sensors so, whenever it is required they would be activated on their own. You also need to have the automatic timers installed for the lights that are frequently left blazing in the empty room and this is the other way to save energy at home.

Set cooling and heating temperatures correctly

The biggest electrical energy consumers in your home are your fridge and freezer. You need to make sure that they are not working more than what is required here. Also, make sure that the door to the fridge and the freezer are always closed. It would be a lot of wastage of energy when you leave them open.

Also for your home chooses to have ducted air conditioning Sydney installed through the professionals of Geminair solutions who would help you a lot here. Ducted air cons are the best in terms of their efficiency and also help in saving a lot of energy. They provide comfort and you will be making a healthy choice here.

Get unplugged

Never leave your electrical appliances in a standby mode. TVs, computers and other electronics can consume a lot of energy when they are in this mode. So, always get unplugged from the same.

Use appliances efficiently

Always have a full load when you are turning on your washing machine, dryer or the dishwasher. When the weather allows it you need to clear off the lint filter after every wash here. On the dishwasher, you also have to use the air-dry function. Only when it is required you need to preheat your oven at the best.

Allow the sunshine in

They are just outside to your window when it comes to the cheapest and the most environment-friendly option here. Open up the blinds and curtains that prevent sunlight to enter the room.

Stop leaks

Inspect your home and look out for any potential leaks whether or not they are there. You can have a well-conduct of an energy auditing while you have a proper inspection at home.

Ban smoking

You need to make sure that you never allow anyone to smoke inside your home and this is the best way to battle off the air pollution here. Smoke can expose you to the risk of causing cancer as they are filled with toxic chemicals. So, you need to have a no-smoking at home.

Grow plants indoors

There are pollutants that are present in your home too that are emitted from the carpets, furniture as well as other electronic items. You can place live plants around your home that would be acting as a natural filter here that can absorb the harmful pollutants present.

When you fill-up your space with these plants, you are cleaning up the indoor air and the green of your living space here.

Install a carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas and a direct exposure to it can be quite fatal. You can well pick up a carbon monoxide detector form your local hardware store for the prevention of this exposure.

Check for radon

Always have a lookout for radon as this is a radioactive gas that is usually present in the soil and can well enter your home through the cracks that are laid in your foundation.

Use durable goods

Make sure that you maximize and improvise on the use of goods that are durable. Ditch all the disposable products and get hold of the reusable ones. Throw away your plastic cups and paper plates and start using the ceramic ones

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